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At Tioman Island where the water is warm & clear, you will encounter tropical fish, soft corals, hard coral formations & a myriad of other marine life. Dive from our purpose built speed boat, which is out filted with the latest safety features & designed for comfort, to give you the best diving experience possible. Let our experienced & knowledgeable instructor guide you on a series of stunning sites around the island.

If you are new to diving & want to try it for the first time, our Discover Scuba Experience is the perfect thing for you. Led by our instructor, you will be taught all the basics you need to get in the water & discover the underwater world of Tioman for yourself. If you want to progress further with your diving, please email us for more information.

Our brand new dive centre is fully equipped with well maintained & yearly serviced diving equipment. With 2 instructors on hand, you can be sure that your diving experience will be tailored to suit you. Whether you are a complete novice wanting to take the plunge, or a seasoned diver with many years experience.

Our closest dive site, Pulau Jahat, is a 10 minute boat ride from the resort. There you can see a dramatic series of underwater pinnacles & coral bommies. Pulau Jahat has everything from giant rocks with swim throughs, hard & soft corals & vast arrays of fish - whether it be a small clown fish, or a group of giant bump head parrot fish.
  Photo Gallery
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  Why Dive in Tioman?
Under the guidance of Dive Master experienced in all local sites, all having their own individual charactheristics. The South China Sea host Prolific marine life consisting of Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks, Rays, Barracudas and many others.
  Dive Sites
Sepoy Rock, Bahara & Jahat are just a few minutes away from Minang Cove Resort. Among others popular are Chebeh, Fan Canyon,Teluk Kador, Malang Rock, Labas, Tiger Reef, Soyah, Salang Bay, Marine Park and Renggis that might take more than 45 minutes form the resort.
  Own Dive Site
You can dive from the beach in front of our resort. You no need to go far to discover under world life marine. The dive range is between 6m and 27m. Full habitat is here. An abundant growth of soft and hard corals, Turtles, Nurse Sharks, Sting Ray, Moray Eels, Black Tip Sharks, Schools of Jacks and Barracudas etc. The visibility is at its best and can reach up to 30m from March till October.
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